Thursday, December 10

Coop and Jackson's BYU and BAMA tribute!!!

We were over Wes and Stacey's one night and Cooper and Jackson come down in all this gear. They were SO proud to represent!!! I guess like father's like son's!!!

Wednesday, November 18

Daddy coaching Fall Soccer!!!

This was Justin's first time head coaching Cooper's soccer team and Cooper's second year playing. Wow did he improve from the year before. It's funny to watch Justin coach his son and TRY not get frustrated with Cooper's seemingly lack of aggressiveness at times. Cooper is super coordinated just lacks the fight to get in there! So this year was very good for him, he was the older one of group and improved a ton!!! Great job COOP-DOG!

Thursday, November 12

Cooper's Fall Field Trip to the Farm!!!

Cooper's first ride on a REAL bus. He was more excited about his trip on the bus then he was about going on a field trip. He begs to ride on the bus all the time but Mom and Dad drive him to school. Guess Mom and Dad ruin ALL the fun ;)
I don't remember what the name of the farm was, but they had lots of fun things for the kids to do and they had a blast. Face painting, pumpkin picking, nature walk, hay ride, horse riding, stick horse relays, a bin full of corn, marshmellow roasting, and my favorite activity to watch was the dancing. It was hilarious to watch. Cooper is sort of a social bug at school and he was in the center dancing with all these girls around. Too cute was this field trip, I am glad I got to go to this one. They grow up way too fast!

Tuesday, November 10

Steele's Fall Field Trip to a Farm!!!

Steele had a field trip with his pre-school to a very fun farm. Here is a picture of Steele and Kennedy painting away. Ok, so these are 3 and 4 year olds painting with what you would assume is washable paint right? Negative, permanent!!! Who gives 3 and 4 year olds permanent paint SERIOUSLY!!!

Steele so proud of the pumpkin he picked!!!

As you can see he had a blast!!! Mommy was very glad she got to go with him and see his cute excitement!

Friday, October 30

Gainsco Show Car Event!!

Justin had to do a Show Car Event with his company Gainsco for some of the agencies he markets to. It helps the agent boost sales, and helps Gainsco market their brand of Insurance. Well they were finally doing an event close enough for me to bring the boys to. Justin knew they would be so excited to check out the Gainsco replica Grand AM series race car. Justin was right they were in little boy heaven. Especially Steele, he has a love for cars like no 3 year old known to man. We could not get him out of it. Finally when it was time to pack up the race car he would not leave until he saw the car go into it's trailer and the door shut. Then he said, "Ok lightening has to go to sleep now." So cute. He has probably watched the movie cars one too many times! Haha! Weird, we are not yet sure where he gets his love of cars seeing that Justin and I both do not know a whole lot about cars. I guess as he gets older he will just have to teach us. I LOVE my boys!!!

Friday, August 28

Happy Birthday to Steele!!!

Steele loves him some CAKE!!!
I can't believe our baby is 3!!!

I think this is the third Cars DVD Steele has had. Somehow he literally loves them to DEATH!

His face is priceless. I love when they love something as much as he LOVES cars! We love our Steele. Happy Birthday!!!